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I have been very lax recently in updating the site, too much real work I am afraid. No matter, finally it has been given a bit of an update with some new pictures added from my recent trips.

How on earth did you get here anyway? A search for Bacardi and Peter in Google will get you here :-) Typed in the wrong address probably, just kidding, you are very welcome. Settle down and make your self a drink if you are going to join me here, you may want one later! It is a bit of a haphazard site really, I have put it together to give some details about my travels, the people I met and as a gallery for my travel photographs.

I have over 40 countries under my belt and have met god knows how many great people along the way and its not over yet. For those of you who know me hopefully you can visit this site and find some tales and pictures of past times. For the others, yet to meet, perhaps the site may give you some ideas and inspiration for your own adventures!

I have added a reservation page for Hostel World, so if you need a bed for the night wherever you are try my link on the menu above. I am a very keen hosteler because you can meet all sorts of people you would never normally bump into and I have many a long lasting friendship borne out of these meetings. Plus of course you get an instant party, just add booze. Ok enough of my ramblings.

Take a look around The Gallery for all the pictures, good and bad. Check out my blog or browse through the travel stories and don't forget to drop me a line if you have any comments or questions or just want to say hi!

I have done more than a few different jobs and they have taken me all over the world, the best advice from me is to remember that the greatest journeys begin with a single step. Have fun.

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